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How to Read a Birth Chart: Identifying the Basic Components

Pin When a planet is on the cusp like this it is worth feeling into the energy of both houses to determine if one feels more aligned, alternatively, it might be that each house amplifies each other. Our moon is our instinctual nature and what nurtures us and Sagittarius is the guide, wisdom and knowledge seeker and an adventurer. Through my business, my endless search for knowledge is nurtured and it has allowed me to travel and explore things that would have been hard to initially justify without my business.

So when I feel into my moon in my business chart it feels more 1 st house — an intrinsic part of who I am and therefore who my business is. Exploring the relationship between your sun and moon is really important.

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When related to your business chart your moon is your businesses instinctive nature and your sun is how your business will shine and expand. If your sun and moon are conjunct, sextile or trine then they have a happy and ultimately complimentary relationship. However, in my business chart, my sun and moon are in opposition.

I think of this and how my moon in my first house just wants to learn, travel and explore and ultimately it to be all about me.

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But then my sun in Gemini in the 7 th is about the business creating a solid foundation within my marriage and to pass on knowledge to know my clients. Our rising sign is often thought of as our soul sign and many astrologers feel it is more significant than our sun commonly known as zodiac sign. In our business, our rising sign is about how our business appears to the world, not necessarily how we would want it to be seen or perceived. In a sense, it is kind of like our business brand because it is what people say about us when we are not in the room.

Scorpio is a sign of integration, healing and transformation and it does not surprise me that it is my business rising sign. My business has multiple times now felt like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Having Scorpio here feels like a nod to my soulful focus because Scorpio is about transformation and healing — or even transformation through healing.

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Scorpio is all about the battle for our soul and more and more I find myself as a guide on this journey with my clients of rediscovering their soul and their soul purpose. Even when I think about the act of launching — I see that this act and my work guiding others through it, as a true surrender of ego and devotion to soul.

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  4. There are no guarantees in launching and our ego is often not stroked in the process, but we need to decide — what lengths are we willing to go for our soul? In natal astrology we see the north node being our soul purpose and the south node being what we have done and mastered in previous lifetimes. When looking at a business chart I prefer to take the approach of what is the ultimate purpose of the business and where is its comfort zone or even potential for stagnancy.

    With a North Node in Libra I have a business purpose of cultivating strong relationships and potentially through being in partnership through my business. With it sitting on the cusp of the 11th Community and 12th retreat houses I see that this is meant to be lived out both through large presence and visibility and also through intimate transformational work and soulful retreats.

    Understanding Astrological Chart Readings

    My south node is in Aries, the warrior and fierce action taker. This to me is a warning that my place of stagnancy in my business is in not building relationships and not connecting with others an introverted trait I have. It is interesting because I have a cluster of planets in Libra in my natal chart so this feel like another confirmation to me. My 7 th house in my business chart is very prominent with my sun, mercury and mars all conjunct or amplifying each other. With Mars in Gemini I think about how a large part of the work I do involves communication and how I take action is through writing, creating, teaching, training and mentoring.

    My action or work in my business is almost always in partnership whether that is with a group through an e-Course or through a relationship through coaching and mentoring. Communication mercury is intrinsically linked with the way I take action in my business and the way my business thrives and shines sun. I also think about Mars as the brave warrior and how Gemini the twins can often be like two personalities.

    I think my warrior energy in my business and my action taking can tend to oscillate between highly charged, passionate and somewhat impulsive and then also can be measured, purposeful and slow. I can get very fired up but I also have the ability to put my coach hat on and be very empathetic and compassionate. There is a lesson here about taking time to feel into what is needed and controlling those dual personalities rather than letting them control me and my business.