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Request Headers :method: GET :authority: sync. Empty Start test. Click here to see the last 12 months of website speed tests for this domain: astrology. Your results: 2. Improve page performance Suggestion Great! Your DNS resolution time is in the 0 to 50 millisecond range, nothing to do here. If the result stays consistent then you're all OK here.

Your server supports the HTTP2 protocol, nothing to do here. You have over 10 CSS files, that's quite a few.

Next-Gen image files detected! Double check this though as some third party code can trigger false positives in this text.

Your hosting provider is not on our slow hosts list. With this test we probe your hosting provider to see if it's on our slow hosts list. Note that this test is not always accurate as there are thousands of providers across the web. This optimization is a key component of getting that instant, snappy load feeling for people visiting your website.

Your web server needs to support HTTP2 in order for this feature to be available. If you're using Wordpress there are several plugins that will add this functionality to your site. Custom code can be added to your site to configure Cloudflare with HTTP2 push BUT on many hosts this can cause problems and intermittent " Internal Server Error" messages in 1 out of 10 or 20 page loads We detected that you're using lazy loading, all good here!

Your page is between mb in size. That's passable but you might want to look at reducing it.

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Two Easy Ways To Reduce Page Size Two simple ways to reduce the file size are to compress images with Nextgen image compression we do probe for this, click the Nextgen image section for details on how to do this and also use Lazy Loading to defer the load of images, videos and iFrames. With lazy loading in place, images and files that sit outside the viewable area or "above the fold" are not loaded until the visitor scrolls down to that section of the page.

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  • This helps make the initial load of the page much lighter and faster. Here you really need to first identify the root cause. Scroll down to the bottom of the report and it'll give you a breakdown of file sizes by type - it's an easy way to identify whether large images are your problem or something else. The most common causes of problems here are excessively large images, for example images that are say x pixel resolution where the section they sit in on your site is x pixels, too many embeds on a page like several Youtube embeds or very heavy video backgrounds.

    Lazy Load plugin for Wordpress If you're using WordPress, the free WP Rocket standalone lazy load plugin is a good way to reduce the page size or alternatively their full paid speed optimization plugin available at the WP Rocket website. The library that WP Rocket use to lazy load files is better than most as it acknowledges HTML picture tags where most don't which means it works with our recommended ShortPixel webp image optimization plugin.