Leo weekly horoscope february 25

Illustrations by Amanda Lanzone. The week begins quietly, but we are on the brink of something big. With shocking Uranus, messenger Mercury, and sweet Venus all on the cusp of their respective signs, there is a sense of urgency to push forward. Mercury, however, is about to station retrograde, so not too fast!

You can find help from a friend when it comes to achieving your vision on or near Wednesday, February 27, as the sun in Pisces gently harmonizes with action planet Mars in sensual Taurus at PM. Lunch plans—or breakfast plans the following day—would make a great setting for a conversation that helps move you along your way. On or near Friday, action is taken to instate independence and take charge. We are owning up to our past as we take a step into the future.

This week, Uranus is at the very final degrees of Aries, finishing up its job as the inventive and rebellious planet prepares to switch signs for the first time in seven years. While Venus is in Aquarius, strangeness in love and aesthetics is appreciated. Affections require communication and rational thought.

Your February 25, 12222 Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It's The Calm Before The Storm

Similar to Venus in Capricorn, we are committed to our relationships. Venus is also the planet of money, and with Venus in future-thinking, Saturn-ruled Aquarius, we can start putting our spare change in a savings account. Pay attention to the conversations, commutes, and—because Mercury is in an intuitive water sign—emotional impressions, that are before you right now.

They are especially strong on Sunday, March 3, as Mercury reaches the degree at which it will station retrograde as the messenger planet begins to slow down and create confusion. From February 19 to March 5, Mercury will travel over this path for the first of three times. The second time will be during Mercury retrograde from March 5 to March Your third and last chance to tighten up loose ends will be from March 28 through April A meeting of the minds is in order midweek.

A conversation with a friend helps guide you and direct your attention to the things you should be researching on or near Wednesday evening, as the sun gently harmonizes with action planet Mars. You will certainly need it; the details are starting to get extra hazy with Mercury slowing down in your sign. A community-funded project sees a surprise shift on or near Friday morning as money planet Venus squares off with planet of the unexpected, Uranus. Clothes, art supplies, and things to make you feel good about yourself, are all easy to impulse buy.

A much needed pep talk with a friend on or near Wednesday evening will have you feeling empowered as you both devise efficient and dignified ways to direct your income. Love is not the same as longing. But can you imagine the magic that will unfold if the other is on the same page as you? Before you start to the think that the week ahead is all rainbows and butterflies, know that there is mind-blowing chemistry too. Rams who have been thinking about signing up for a course, or expanding their body of knowledge in some way, now is the time to get, set, go. Too blessed to be stressed.

Everything is as it should be. Instead of pushing against the flow, you are learning to surrender to it, to trust it. What a wonderful feeling to know that there is something larger looking out for you. Put meditation and mindfulness on the top of your agenda this week, and you will come to realise that the art of slowing down is just as blissful as it is made out to be. But what is the meaning of life?

When existential crisis hits you hard this week, stop and recentre. For some, this could be a time of reconnecting with a guru or a philosophy that they resonate with, and realigning with their spiritual path. In the days to come, you will find that every decision is guided by your intuition, from the road you take to the manner in which you close that million dollar deal. What a wonderful feeling to see all your hard work paying off. In the realm of love and relationships, continue to build a strong foundation and support each other through thick and thin.

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The abundance you experience is not limited to your paycheque alone. The Universe reminds you in a multitude of ways that you are taken care of.


Bask in the many pleasures, Virgo. Your professional and creative life is where the magic is at this week.

Your personal life, on the other hand, could challenge you in more ways than one. Cosmic union is on the cards for you, especially if the Universe has kept you away from your other half.

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Let love be your preferred choice of drug in the days to come. If commitment is a priority, have the talk. Ask questions before you fling any accusations. Your heartstrings may be tugged, pulling you away from what your heart itself wants to do. No excuses necessary here. The map-making will be bolstered by disciplined Saturn and power-hungry Pluto forming a golden trine to the full moon. Both planets are in your organized and analytical sixth house, helping you plot the perfect course to victory and identify the key players who will get you there.

Think of the kind of systems and support staff you need, along with the strategic and well-connected folks who can open doors.

Leo Monthly Horoscope

And who better to rule than the regal Lion of the zodiac? Home becomes a heat zone starting November 19, when Mars zooms into Scorpio and your domestic quarters until January 3. Get ready for major traffic at Chateau Leo or perhaps some stressful moments with relatives. Instead of snapping their heads off like gingerbread men, rally everyone for some fun.

Competitive Mars can help you organize outings e. The key? Prioritize self-care no matter what. You could easily burn out by playing caretaker-on-steroids now. Be especially firm with your boundaries on November 24, when Mars opposes destabilizing Uranus. Can you say Breakdown Central?

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  8. Your fierce Leo roar is back! Book those date nights and make the rounds of holiday parties with your favorite plus-one. For couples, this lunation could spark a new chapter of closeness. Thinking babies? Avoid the tryptophan turkey coma by loading up on root vegetables. Stock your holiday gift list with things that help you live a more streamlined and salubrious life, and make self-care an easy feat. In less than a week on December 2 , lucky Jupiter will also move into Capricorn, parking itself here for a full year.

    Not you, Leo! Your holiday season gets off to a playful and passionate start.

    With amorous Venus sashaying through Sagittarius and your flirtatious, flamboyant fifth house from November 1 to 25, love is in the air as much as the scent of pumpkin spice.