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A distinctive instrument in the dark ages has come down to us. The Mayan calendar. We obtain an power charge at the time of birth, which impacts our future lives. This impact is taken into consideration in the Mayan horoscope and each of the 20 symbols is fully characterized. The calculation by special formulas is done using the tables of correspondence to the date of the Mayan calendar in order to determine the sign of the Mayan calendar, under the control of which one day or another is located.

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Therefore, it is distinct from the astrological schemes of all the other material calendars we have. The Mayan ways are largely mysterious.

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Over 3, years later, we can try to piece together and understand the meanings of these ancient people. Jaguar: A symbol of strength, divinity, and general domain over all things — a very big sign of power for the Mayans. By night, the jaguar god would rule over the Mayan Underworld, by day he would prowl across the morning sky from east to west, returning back to the Underworld at dusk.

A symbol of imminent domain in all things celestial, as well as an ultimate sign for confidence and leadership. See also Panther Totem here. Eagle: The eagle represents contemplative thought.

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When focused upon, this Mayan symbol assists in accessing inner wisdom. Known for its power of clarity — this symbol facilitates clear mental focus. After time, focus on the qualities of the eagle representative of the Mayan symbol will pave the way for higher, or even telepathic acuity.

Eagles are also a symbol of community and cooperative unity amongst a diverse group.

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Also see my page on Eagle Totem Symbolism here. Also a dubious symbol, rich in dualities, worshipped for its rule over the darkness, and a powerful sign to mark against enemies. Mayans drew a very faint line between our concept of good and evil. Meaning, good and evil was seen in totality rather than marked separation.

As such, the bat was worshipped for both its dark and light qualities.

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It was common to the area, and seen in Mayan glyphs. See Bat Totem page here. Earth: Representative of movement and slow shifting. This Mayan symbol reminds us that there are larger forces at work, and our transitions especially during difficult times will need to be brought about with patience. The earth symbol, when focused upon will assist in becoming centered as you delve into the movements of your inner thoughts to make the conscious shifts you desire. Also see my Earth Symbols page. Night: A symbol of balance and putting things to rest with the goal for peace. Represents putting issues away, and allowing them to sit until your spirit is ready to pull the issues back out for contemplation.

Mar 27, 3.

I am the eagle. Mar 27, 4. Im a vulture. Wisdom and Warrior. Mar 27, 5.

Mayan Horoscope: Eagle

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